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'It is the foliage of the woods, That winters bring—the dress, White Easter of the year in bud, That makes the winter Spring. The frost and snow his posies bring, Nature's white spurts of the spring.’ ~ from ‘The Winter’s Spring’ by John Clare

Beautiful white church which reminds me of the Auburn church at Christmas. Our family went to the Christmas Eve Candle light service.

Beautiful church entry Pretty white Church iceland country church Old Country Church

Tetkam.net - Капкан для Деда Мороза

Tetkam.net - Капкан для Деда Мороза

Flozen-lighthouse-08.jpg This is one of my favorite pictures of the frozen lighhouse in the Michigan part of the great lakes.

【自然すごい】極寒に凍りついた異形の灯台たち 8選

Frozen lighthouse - Photo by Thomas Zakowski / - - Your Local 14 day Weather FREE > www. No Ads or Apps or Hidden Costs


“Every piece of the universe, even the tiniest little snow crystal, matters somehow. I have a place in the pattern, and so do you. Thinking of you this holiday season!

Prachtige foto's van Andrew Onoskin die buitengewoon veel details en structuur van sneeuwvlokjes onthullen (© Andrew Osokin/Rex Features)

An incredible collection of sharp and high detailed macro photographs of individual snowflakes taken by Russian photographer Andrew Osokin.

The beauty of snow

Winter can be harsh, cold and usually long. However, they can be beautiful, too! Here are 20 enchanting Winter scene wallpapers for your desktop.

Half Mountain Sentinels Lake Bierstadt Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

Andrew's Sunrise : Andrew's Tarn, Rocky Mountain National Park : Fine Art Landscape Photos - Images of Rocky Mountain National Park by Erik Stensland

The other season is comming Autum.

ice flower A flower with an ice bubble around it taken on a rare snow day in Austin Texas last week.

Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love the music, decorations, atmosphere, gathering with friends and family.

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