Guys he's writing fanfic for his own book.

Toa is basically a solangelo fanfiction with some parts of the actual story incorporated

Well, I lost all of my dam plans for the day......... im gonna go look for the dam snack bar and a dam T-shirt

Too many dam rules! I'm going to the dam snack bar! I can't find the dam snack bar?<<<<<<< It's next to the dam bathroom?

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let's make sure that the original covers stay around. pin them constantly. do not let them fade away. do not refer to them as old. call them the Percy Jackson covers. <<< or the first demigods


Percy Jackson references everywhere!<<<Not a PJO reference, it's a Greek mythology reference. PJO is centered around Greek mythology, thus you get a lot of people who confuse mythology references with PJO references.


I've always thought that if Percy Jackson movies had Aphrodite in it! She should be shifting between different races

'#oneofthesearenotliketheothers' 'why would anyone love jason'  excuse me? kindly leave the fandom and never come back. thank you.

I am probably the only person in the fandom who doesn't hate Jason. Repost if you don't hate Jason.

Ok ok ok ok ok yup yup yup yup <<<< eeeeeeeeppppppp! the feels!>>>>>>>>>SPREAD IT. SPREAD IT LIKE AMBROSIA ON THE TOAST OF PERCABETH

I don't ship Percabeth but that's so cute wow - what? Who doesnt ship percabeth?