#JensenSelfie! :CW Upfronts 2014 Jared, Misha, Katie Cassidy, Jensen, Stephen Amell, John Barrowman, Colton Haynes, Nina Dobrev.

CW Upfronts 2014 - Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins from Supernatural. Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy from Arrow ~~~~ this is my new favorite picture haha

Oh yes, yes it did. Pretty sure my loving husband reached over and wiped the drool off my chin. I'm not ashamed.

Well my inner fangirl lost it before, but yeah . I go crazy for men in well tailored suits. and this is DEAN in a well tailored suit.

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Went to the Cage, was Lucifer's chew toy and addicted to demon blood. but despite all these things Sam can be so innocent like a little boy