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MCR - I'm not okay (I promise)<<how can they still look so damn cute when they're beat to hell

MCR - I'm not okay (I promise)<<Gee. Frank PLS Don't look at me this way.

Revenge era Gerard

Revenge era Gerard

Screaming Gerard

*shakes head* too sassy for his own good

Hello My Name is helena I am a ghost and I am the reason all of you are here you cant escape t is impossible people have been driven mad by trying to get out its quite funny watching you all turn on each other and kill yourselfs just more people to add to my army!

How Well Do You Know My Chemical Romance?

✕❀that emo vampire kid❀✕

✕❀that emo vampire kid❀✕

He seems so…frantic. No, not frantic. Just…I  don't know, I'm blanking out. But I do it all the time.

He seems so…frantic. No, not frantic.<< previous comment perfectly describing me when I think of my love for Gerard

Gerard Way with boa<< Is he saying "Who gave me a boa?" It looks like that!

It's just like the sleep scarf!"- Gerard Way. ( talking about the boa )