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This is the most accurate thing I have ever read on Pinterest.

This is NOT just a "teenager" problem. This is a twenty-anger problem, I'm sure a thirty, forty, fifty-ager and so on problem too! These teenager posts pretty much explain my life.

Especially when you'd rather prefer to be a spy of other people's diaries and then you fear they'll spy on yours !  This has been an Extremely tøugh job

Story of my life. hahaha get it, the diary is the story of my life I failed to write yet that failure is the story of my life! Aaaanndd I'm a super dork I'll stop now.-----That's funny, and I really did but I always forgot to write in it.

Get in the basket!

I have wondered the same thing! I think when David was on a bike, he just would just call another police officer in a car to get them.

This is the story of my life summed up in one picture, Very true @Shania Wolf Chishti @Isra De shahid

Teenager Post - I love sleeping in but I hate feeling like I just wasted my day.

Omg my dad says this to me every time next time I'll say the grenade thing


Funny quotes - "Don't worry, the spider is smaller than you". So is a grenade.

Daily Humor - Enjoy The Laughs

More like "Oh a weekend trip! Lets pack for a month. You know 'just in case'"

So true! Lol

then your run past every isle going mom mom where are you ya gotta be here somewhere. and then you find her and she's like why are you so out of breath.

I don't have a crush! I don't know any guys. Yay homeschooling!! Jk I have so many guy friends! Bryan.., Ashton, Isaac, Todd, Charlie, Justin, Blake, Greg, Nathan, Josh, Hunter.

I feel so bad for all those goodie-goodies that are homeschooled and haven't even talked to a guy yet. :(<<<<<<<<< I'm homeschooled and I have talked to so many guys, and have had a crush before.

I have a blanket on now that is square so it doesn't cover my feet. They r soooo cold

Crunching in a ball for a long time is not comfortable