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Funny Meme About Bill Clinton vs Donald Trump ft. Hillary Clinton And Melania Trump

Try 2-genders (Male and Female) and many Race's. "Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are precious in His sight---Jesus loves the children of the world." =)

There's 2 different kinds of Science, real and agency sponsored. The above is agency sponsored, this is Fake science

The problem is I don't think there was ever time when everyone had morals and or even just common sense

With so many things coming back in style. I can't wait until morals and intelligence become a trend again. Seriously though.

she won the popular vote so she also won twice but u know

What a shameful waste of money. think of the children that could have fed, clothed , gave medicine to, schooled. or helped our veteran or elderly

Lord help me!

Voter fraud is definitely a real thing, and I guarantee you that Hillary is guilty of it.

Cut the shit with the fucking trophies already.No one wants a fucking trophy. We want a president who isn't a bigot, sexist, tax cheat, draft dodging criminal.

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Funny pictures about Obama approves. Oh, and cool pics about Obama approves. Also, Obama approves photos.

OMG.  I can no believe that there are so many stupid people walking in this country.  No wonder we lost the elections.

I can not believe that there are so many stupid people walking in this country. No wonder Liberals lost the elections!

So True!!! So Sad.  So True!! So Sad...

It was so cold thing morning, I actually saw a Democrat with his hands in his own pockets.