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A guide for approaching bookworms. Judging by the reader's expression.... :)

People need to learn this…

blueboxcompanion: “ dauntless-rebel-shadowhunter: “ amandaonwriting: “ Reading can be dangerous. ” I’m often in the Lost to Reality Reading area. ” What is “casual reading” that concept is foreign to.

:'( screw it, ima Cry

If it was me I'd be like,"leave me alone i can be as weak as i want to be" jeff the killer

ME: MASKY YOU PERV!!! Masky: in my defense i was drunk. ME: ok reasonable excuse, but judt to be on the safe side give me your camera....

Dat CreepyPastas-Masky by XxInfamousWormxX on DeviantArt

Okay i read the Creepypasta, it just didnt make sense to me, can someone please explain this to me, Please, im so confused,BEN DROWNED

If I hadn't had fifty different tabs pop up on their own last night with an even creepier picture.