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Read [Simon] from the story Halcyon [SIDEMEN GIFs] by Mintered (basically-minter) with 229 reads.

my future husband and i will be taking this type of picture

I love the camo hats for this. Would love it in camo shirts too. Hunting is our favorite thing to do together, and I'm pretty sure we looked JUST like this when I shot my first buck!

Nossa, que audaciosooo você...

Divergent - this is like the first time in the book/movie that Tris doesn't have to hold back because of Abnegation.-----and I love this part because he chokes on his drink!

They deserved it.

IT WASNT FAIR ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ Guys, I feel this. and seriously it is the reason why that ending hurt me so much, because they fought so hard and yet they didn't get what they deserved!