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haha, men fy

haha, men fy

More like the boy who lol'd.

Most Of These Hilarious Harry Potter Posts Were New To Me, So They're Probably New To You

The only problem is Harry is not smart enough to figure any of that out. the sass seems about right though

not sure why I found this so funny...but I lol'd and lol'd.. except for the F word :(

Reading, Parents and Phone: We must go deeper.

What even. I love the internet. But who would choose going on their phone over reading a glorious, glorious book. And the girl in the picture is reading ddiary of a part time indian (great book)

Scrolling down I'm thinking wow great cakes. Awesome. Love it. Got to the bottom and actually lol'd.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Morning... #animal #humor


They're so simple they shouldn't be funny, yet each of these 22 puns is flat-out hilarious. You can listen to complex joke that takes forever and get a small

How to ruin hipster photos. BAHAHAHA!

How to ruin hipster photos--the last 4 are great, especially the Oceanlol--My favourite pastime is ruining hipster posts.

sum up of why odin, loki and thor are such a dysfunctional family... makes sense

Every family is a world…

Dysfunctional Families exist in every realm. ''Dad no, that's custom versace''

I know which one I want... I know which one's more realistic.

When is it going to be the other way round

How the platypus was created…

How the platypus was created…

How the platypus was created. How the platypus was created… . God: Gabe, stop, I' m working. Gabriel: I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING God: Hews a box of parts, go nuts funny

I don't think that's what Suga was saying

I don't think that's what Suga was saying

This is what they really sell us…

This is what they really sell us…

If candies had honest slogans.These are awesome! Milk flavored paper covered in chocolate and cement for your teeth!