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Could a scientist go out dancing tonight?

Hey Brenda, uum i doubt he can dance ,however im sure his nose could do some major damage.

Ape retro vintage comic book pop art illustration

I HATE YOU!” —“Please, don’t get so emotional!” (Is that Agent 47 though?

“Pants or no pants, I’m gettin’ away from here!”

“Pants or no pants, I’m gettin’ away from here!

The phone was ringing  you idiot . Take that crap off your head and listen !

Comic Girls Say. "I have a feeling that someone is trying to send me a mental message !

'Junior is Amazed'....or maybe it's just too much Botox! Funny Vintage Comic Book Art.

by his horrible haircut, until he realized that the giant, red porcupine barber was behind him!


"Im Going Shopping, and That’s Final"! from “Girl’s Romances” 1962 Vintage Cool Funny Vintage Comic Book Art.

astronaut vintage comic

The Deep Meditation of Who Will Find Your Bones? Kinda depends on where they are buried, I think. (Space May