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purple- love the eyes, and the color of the lips I wish I was bold enough to sport this look! Eyes, yes, but lips nada!

Purple beads and lips

Every Goth needs to know how to apply black lipstick. We've found two good video tutorials, photos and step-by-step instructions on how to properly apply black lipstick.

Women's lips look more attractive. Lip is a beauty of face. Old poet descripe about girls lips are look like a Goff fruit.

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The perfect red lips. First apply concealer on your lips to create a base. Then apply red lip liner around your lips then fill in. Seal with lip sealer. Then apply your lipstick and then red lip gloss.


The Purple Butterfly -- a very beautiful symbol for a vicious and devastating disease. A more accurate symbol might be a growling & snarling, teeth-gnashing rabid wolf - ('LUPUS' stems from the Latin word meaning wolf). But I suppose the butterfly was c

Did someone say sexy bling?

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Try painting your lips with a hot pink long lasting lip color (like the one from Revlon you can get at the drugstore) and go over it with Vaseline using a lip brush. And you can add some gloss