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danse - Delcampe.fr

danse - Delcampe.fr

klare Aus strahlung gute dynamik - best zentriert müsste ihre tanzdynamik schauen um urteilen zu können! Statik hat wenig Aussagekraft! ,-)

Clear charisma good dynamics - best centered had to look her dance dynamics to judge! Statics has little significance!

L'Enfance...la pureté!  Danse ta vie enfant et grandis dans l'espérance d'un monde sinon meilleur qu'hier,peut-être moins triste qu'aujourd'hui...

Alice by Juliett Sokolova - an adorable young ballerina (reminds me of my childhood photos from ballet class)

starting from age 4..so beautiful to see you perform in the Nutcracker..nostalgia. xoxoxo love, Mom

Dance class is one of the best places to make friends! Everyone needs a support system from time to time. Little dancers in tutus!

this was me growing up...and hopefully my daughter too.

Farewell letter from

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She is really really young for pointe, but I've gotta give it to her, she has beautiful lines and feet! Poor kid though:(

Young ballet dancer en pointe-too young for en pointe

♥ Wonderful! www.thewonderfulworldofdance.com #dance

The Gift of Dance

Now married to the man of my dreams.Ballet dancer and teacher. And yes I am a man en pointe.Graduated from ballet school in 2011 Russian living in Australia.

Photography Pink Love | Six Weavers. Living the Dream.: I *LOVE* dance recital! BUT! (Warning ...

Pink Toe Shoes, Listen honey, if a gal has to bunch up her toes into ballet shoes, for goodness sakes, let them be hot pink!

Secret of mine...I always wanted to be a ballerina when I was little. I would always try to stand on point. :)

Teacher Talk: Kristin Klade

To dance ballet

perfect for an elegant guest room/little girls room

Used Point shoes decorated with glitter, vintage finds and Swarovski crystals.or use glass slippers

Ik ben al een jaar geleden een paar keer naar 'Het Zwanenmeer' geweest. Het was toen heel mooi.

Swan Lake

Blue Line of lovely ballerinas ~Swan Lake" Ballet - Photographer Nikolay Krusser.

How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace...

Ballerina shoes in gold

So Mary comes up to me and says that purple ballerina like you Katie? So cute!!! :)

Adorable little ballerina in Purple ensemble!

Dance........good luck Katie......as you prepare for your 1st recital with your 'new' dance club on Sunday!

Happy Saturday my dear. In my dream world I would have been a ballet dancer but I was born a chubby little girl,lol. I think this is such a pretty picture so I'm sharing it with you my sweet friend.

I love this picture. Not sure if she should be on pointe, she looks so young. Regardless, I love the picture.

Russian child Ballerina - SO cute, way too young to be en pointe.

This photo is simply beautiful.  Something about it just captures my full attention.  Pinned from 500px, Photo Valeriya by Nataly Frigo

This photo is simply beautiful, the lighting on the young ballerina is exquisite. Photo Valeriya by Nataly Frigo