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Bwa-Bobo Bush - Cow Mask, Upper Volta/Burkina Faso, in carved and painted wood with three birds roosting, 20th c,

AFRICAN MASK - Bwa-Bobo Bush Cow Mask, Upper Volta/Burkina Faso, in carved and painted wood with three birds roosting, c, roughly x.

Africa | Mask from the Boa people of the Democratic Republic of Congo | Wood and pigment | ca. 19th century

mask from Boa people, ca. century Democratic Republic of Congo wood and pigment via Christie's

Dan Kagle (Kaogle) Mask, Ivory Coast http://www.imodara.com/post/93252493944/ivory-coast-dan-kagle-animal-mask-kaogle

Kran (Liberia) Face Mask (Kagle) Wood, hide, nails, fiber Height: 8 inches Width: 5 inches - Available at 2007 June African & Oceanic Art.

Nigeria, Mumuye wood, polychrome paint, elongated head with large tubular eyes, framed by encrusted mass inset with abrus beans (mainly missing), anchor-shaped protruding mouth, pierced around the rim, rep. (breakage at the lower rim), cracks, small missing parts, slight traces of abrasion, base  H: 43 cm H: 16.9 inch    Read more: http://www.tribal-art-auktion.de/en/catalogue185/d10_321/#ixzz3BofpJXEJ

Mumuye helmet mask 43 cm - used to belong to Carl Otto Hultén, Malmö, Sweden…

African Masks

African Masks

Masks are often a part of the African culture. Used in dance or ceremonial purposes, African masks can have a religious meaning. The carver of the mask will look to their ancestors for guidance while carving the mask.

Africa | Zoomorphic mask from the Bwa people of Burkina Faso | Wood, polychrome paint and plant fiber || The bird masks and butterflies are the most abstract, consisting of a broad, horizontal plank, decorated with large concentric patterns. The mouth projects from the centre and there is a large hook representing the hawk's beak or circles representing the patterns on the butterfly's wings.

Burkina Faso Bwa people zoomorphic mask of wood and polychrome pigment.

Fang mask Louvre MH65-104-1 - Beti-Pahuin peoples - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

African Fang mask similar in style to those Picasso saw in Paris just prior to painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon