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Go to the website and complain! Go! We need three tabs to function! This new update has taken away the "You" tab! We need it back!

Go to the website and complain! We need three tabs to function! This new update has taken away the "You" tab! ^ This seems so dramatic.

LETS PLAY A GAME: What’s Your Ninja Name?

What is your ninja name? Fun way to start off a ninja party. Then kids call each other by ninja name during party.

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Rapist Brock Turner has been released from jail the months early due to rich, white, male privilege.

I did not know this...maybe if more people knew this my Grampa could be alive now.....

If you see an ambulence (with sirens OFF) let the pass! They turn them off sometimes so heart attack patients don't get stressed out more!


Child abuse is sad! This poor child don't know the true meaning of happiness! Let's stop child abuse!

"Being true":  "Being yourself is not a choice, it is much more likely that it gave you pride that move on.  That also brings you happiness."

Me a couple years ago: "I'm not gay… BUT that girl is hot asf…" Me now: "Girls are hot, guys are hot, bisexuality rocks"<<< I'm Bi/Ace but this is still pretty fricken on point

Pinterest is the new fundraising platform! Check out this blog to see how Opportunity and other orgs are using it. One of our favorite pins of the week 9/10.

London Hundred Apparel will donate 50 cents to help people get clean water! Let's rock the boat people

This is sad.

Gay marriage and straight marriage are like bikini tops and bras. They're the same fucking thing but one is socially acceptable in public.