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Icelandic Horse by Ragnar TH on Flickr.

It would be fantastic to really see an Icelandic horse in it's natural habitat, along with all the beautiful scenery in Iceland.

Tolt on an Icelandic Horse #Iceland#ScanAdventures Definitely on my bucket list :)

Ride an Icelandic in Iceland. If I can do so during the Icelandic Horse Festival in Reykajvík that would be all the better!

Gudmar Petursson performs the flying pace at an Icelandic Horse show

Gudmar Petursson shares how he became an Icelandic Horse trainer and created his equestrian career performing with Knights of Iceland and Apassionata.

Love Love Love Icelandic ponies!

If the mane aint flyin you aint tryin. Icelandic horses are my favorite

Icelandic horses, near Blonduos, northern Iceland; summer, early afternoon

Icelandic horses, near Blonduos, northern Iceland; summer, early afternoon probably Steinnes horses? looks like one of their prize mares in the middle ;

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Icelandic Horse stallion Djarfur frá Reykjavík

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...sometimes they fly like the wind!  Icelandic horse in a classic tolt  ©Anna Guðmundsdóttir

An Icelandic horse in classic tölt gait almost look like the horse is flying over ground. It has five natural gaits; walk, canter, trot, tölt and flying pace.