Miniature Gardening - Hobbit House

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Hobbits tend to live of humble means. Any good hollowed out tree stump or cave will more than suffice for them as a good place to set up their home.

Magnifiques couleurs ! Ça me fait penser au Hobbit !

i need a hobbit door for our red maple! Hobbit/Fairy Door by HiddenWorlds on Etsy

Woodland Knoll Hobbit House

Hobbit House Moss Round Door 12 Inch Miniature Fairy Garden Home. Cute Fairy, Pixie, or Gnome House!

A fairy door made with found items

I make these doors from used horse shoes, hand forged hardware, and repurposed items. 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide. All your wee folk will - DIY Fairy Gardens

This Celtic design embellished Fairy Door offers a strong portal for your Irish (or not) fairies and wee folk that call your garden home

An awesome Hobbit-door, from the outside (Barbara and Don McKee)

This handcrafted hobbit door looks right at home set into a beautifully shingled wall.