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Just A Car Guy : Radiator emblem collection in the Smithsonian

Radiator emblems were colorful metal plates with a manufacturer's name or logo that attached to the radiators of early automobiles.

Stanley Radiator Emblem

STANLEY was one of the best known of the steamers. Built up to Really a lovely detailed emblem with 4 horses on a chariot racing.


German enamel car badge / emblem automobile # stoewer

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RadiatorEmblems: SANFORD

SANFORD radiator emblem The SANFORD Motor truck company lived in Syracuse N. from 1912 to Not much is known about this firm, b.

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RadiatorEmblems: PATERSON

PATERSON radiator emblem The PATERSON was a buggy maker before entering the automobile production in In their first year they so.

Federal Knight Radiator Emblem

Federal Knight Radiator Emblem

Anderson Radiator Emblem

ANDERSON - was the most succesful of all makes built in the southern United States [Georgano].