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le theatre 303 1 aout 1911-photo | verbinina

le theatre 303 1 aout 1911-photo

all about Genevieve Lantelme

Geneviève Lantelme, French stage actress, socialite, fashion icon, and courtesan. She was considered by her contemporaries to be one of the most beautiful women of the Belle Epoque,

The actress Lantelme in Madeleine Vionnet’s déshabillé, designed in 1907 at Maison Doucet. And she's absolutely magnificent.

Vintage Photography: Geneviève Lantelme (1882-1911)

Geneviève "Ginette" Lantelme - French actress, socialite and courtesan. This picture just struck a cord with me - they eyes seem sad

French actress Geneviève Lantelme (1887-1911)

fugaciternelle: Geneviève “Ginette” Lantelme: actress, socialite and courtesan during the Edwardian Era.

Geneviève Lantelme

Edwardian Fashion - ca. This sort of extravagant fur evening mantel would only have been within the means of the very wealthy. I suspect this girl is a model for the designer/maker, and not the owner.

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plumes were the rage until upper class women banded together to outlaw plume hats and save the birds.