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15 Writers Share Their Secrets on How to Be Alone

Be happy no matter what. Choose happiness every day of your life, every moment of it. Don't expect external circumstances to give you happiness, find it within yourself. Only you can make yourself happy. (Image shared by Quote Porn)


Great ideas for using Washi Tape and scrapbook paper to personalize a planner and add space where needed, with style! I may have fallen down the washi tape rabbit hole.

When you're feeling down, just look up.☁️

When you're feeling down, just look up.

Just do what you think you should do.

everything passes, everything changes. just do what you think you should do // bob dylan - TRUE

 Live your Truth, Thrive, Learn, Survive, Inspire, Love & Laugh often!       ~Blessed Be

Staying in a situation where you're unappreciated isn't called loyalty. It's called breaking your own heart.

Cicatrices de felicidad

Tyler Knott Gregson - 'How strange to see the wrinkles on the sides of my eyes growing and getting deeper the older I get. I laugh. A lot. This is the proof and they are my scars of happiness.

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Simmer Down christopher poindexter. My Cajun granddaddy used to tell us to "simmer down". Love that phrase. This is a wise poem.