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Image result for success criteria examples for art Put up art masterpieces and have student walk around and fillchart

A great document for students to mark and assess their peer's artwork. Add one of these to the end of an art project to help your students better understand their successes. Could also be used to assess artwork during museum/gallery trips!

One of my goals at the end of the semester is making sure that the students leave the art room with ALL of their work. This isn't an easy fe...

Create Art With Me!: End of Semester ART Portfolio Self-Assessment Should you love arts and crafts you really will love this site!

Art Goals and Reflections - interesting. May be useful after a unit of lessons as a way to wrap up.

Art Goals and Reflections- Lots of great art class printables here!

Evaluation and judgement can be harsh words.  Use this free printable to gently introduce art criticism for kids in terms of the "art sandwich."

The Art of the Sandwich- A Gentle Introduction to Art Criticism for Kids

Evaluation and judgement can be harsh words. Use this free printable to gently introduce art criticism for kids in terms of the "art sandwich.

I had a few different reflection/ critique sheets I liked to use with my 2-5 grade artists, and this is what I made to combine what I think are the most effective parts into a single page. There is a portion to get together with a peer and critique each other, as well as sections for bragging, sharing concepts we learned, and making changes.

"The Art Stack" Critique and Reflection

"The Art Stack" Critique and Reflection similar concept can be used for a paint pallet?


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The Lost Sock : Half Face Self portraits... Perfect for Who Am I Theme

grade Art Projects for Kids: Back to School Half Portrait . love this whole site for art project inspiration

Art Sub Lessons Plan & Sub Binder Information

Art Sub Plans: Lessons & Sub Binder Information

This packet of editable documents, easy art lessons, and sub binder organizers will help get you on the way to worry-free art sub plans. Imagine preparing for a