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Kyungsoo, my edit

Kyungsoo, my edit


♛ Sprinkle Do Kyungsoo on top of cooked rice, it becomes a whole buffet / OneKyungsoo - EXO D.O.

D.O. i believe this is the first time ive ever seen d.o.'s chest like that it nice lol omg is this pic real? Kyungsoo u sexy beast

Can we just take a moment and appreciate how freakin' hot and sexy kyungsoo in this picture, dang! this boy ❤.

Kyungsoo's upgrade | allkpop Meme Center

Omg i've been waiting for someone to edit this. Look at them arms. I feel safe. Squishy has become a man

Baekhyun, Kai, D.O., and Sehun

Baekhyun, Kai, D., and Sehun . ** by himadhya

Flute, Bob, Primates, Sehun, Exo Kai, Winchester, Locks, Handsome Man, Bias Wrecker

Exo - D.O "Ofc he won't feel the same way as I do for him. We don't even know each that much. And .. We don't even talk as much anymore."

i really like these light saber pictures of EXO members