Maes Hughes funeral        _Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Today i had a substitute for my class. who voiced Hughes daughter! Out of all subs. And she even recited the Hughes funeral scene. And that is how i almost cried in class.<----I wasn't going to pin this because of feels but this comment!

They're earings though... 2 pair if you look closely ;)

Wait marry me first Hahaha XD # fma (full metal alchemists<<< Some times I'm Al. Sometimes Im Winry.

Motivational FMA 15 by xxRedDragoonxx on deviantART

Motivational FMA 15 by xxRedDragoonxx on deviantART<<<<---I've always loved Hughes XP

The author seems to be purposely subtle and avoidant of this ship. So frustrating.

I always knew that Roy would never call Hawkeye Riza cause he doesn't want a gun pointing at him

Milk by nothguy on deviantART

Milk actually makes me sick because I had a shake that was nasty and now I will not drink milk or chocolate milk because I will gag. I really do miss chocolate milk tho :/

AHHHhhh I'm having conflicted feelings about this. something between crying and laughing.

FMA feels >>> *laughs then slowley transitions to crying*

Roy is too freaking adorable sometimes! I love how he's drunk dialing Riza! True love right there - Mustang and Hawkeye

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