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ASL brothers Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace, and Sabo One Piece. Gosh dang it stop, the feels are too much to take!

Vader’s Little Princess, the fader and son is better though

Vader’s Little Princess // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - I read this book it was great.

Ussop, Luffy

Luffy y Usopp😄

Kakashi should've just removed his mask during the war and the war would've ended right there

Kakashi, Sakura & Sareda :D bet it was his eyes probably the same way Sasuke got her to stop or his sexy face

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Happy Birthday Nami, cute, comic, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Sanji, Zoro, Luffy, Nami, cake, food, present, bath, onsen, hot tub, water, beach, swimsuits, booze, sake, funny; One Piece

Straw Hat Crew Pirates Mugiwaras Luffy Zoro Nami Usopp Sanji Chopper Robin Franky Brook One Piece

Vibsmoke Brothers Yonji Niji Ichiji Vinsmoke

Vibsmoke Brothers Yonji Niji Ichiji Vinsmoke

Zoro, One Piece, Pirates, Fruit