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Character: Juuzou Suzuya Manga: Tokyo Ghoul Yes, he was castrated ; From now on, you will be a girl

Armin, Dj, Dubai

That's funny. Tried to keep him from kissing her and then ends up getting kissed himself

I ship Kaneki with basically everyone, but it's mostly Hide/Kaneki, Ayato/Kaneki, and Touka/Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Kushu / Tokyo Ghoul umbrella "Raindrops fall down on me so cold but so tenderly Could we put hearts together though we're far so apart?

"So, how do you feel about Haise Sasaki?"....why would you do this??!!! my poor suffering baby.....

"So, how do you feel about Haise Sasaki?why would you do this? my poor suffering baby. << I want KANEKI BACK!

Ha ha ha... ha... ha... *laughter fades into hysterical sobbing*:

Kaneki and hide>>>>>Ha ha ha. *laughter fades into hysterical sobbing*