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Would love to appropriate some of our fence, fortify it, and have some take on a living wall. We also have the deck wall to work with.

Vertical Garden Wall

22 DIY Vertical Garden Wall Ideas

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Modern and eco friendly Green wall design ideas include space saving decorative vertical displays, created with outdoor and indoor plants, and vertical gardens which offer great space saving solutions for growing vegetables and edible herbs

Botanisk Lykke: Morsomme beplantningsideer

Make your own living succulent art If you don't have the time to plant a living wall, you can get the same dramatic effect by framing a garden of succulents. Build the frame yourself and plant your own cuttings or buy an all-in-one succulent garden kit.

DIY Living Wall

Cool DIY Green Living Wall Projects For Your Home

Amazing Living Wall of succulent plants - heres a full tutorial to help you create your own little green oasis of calm nature Zen, in just the very little space it takes for a section of privacy fence.

vertical kitchen garden

Verticale tuin, hoe maak je deze zelf en wat is het onderhoud?

Inspiring Vertical Gardens for Small Spaces Space is a precious commodity, especially now that so much of our backyard or balcony space is occupied by

Green Vertical Walls at the Chelsea Flower Show : TreeHugger

Green Vertical Walls at the Chelsea Flower Show

Green vertical walls are very popular at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, as are green roofs. Green walls are a natural, good looking and environmental way to cover that ugly back wall.

Outstanding American Gardens: A Celebration - Private Newport

Maureen Ruettgers’s Gardens at the Clock Barn, in Carlisle, Massachusetts, are crisscrossed with stone dust paths surrounding rectangular beds.