We Italians have a love affair with the Vespa! A Vespa + summer + Italy = good times baby! Italy is is!

Classic, classy.  My all-time fav car.

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into the woods to take photos of my friend. Bet she wishes she had a Kate Spade Vespa to #ridecolorfully

Cute clothes, traveling on a scooter, a camera. love the vespa and camera.

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I know its not a cruiser bike but its the most adorable motor-powered scooter on the face of the Earth and possibly Mars. AND IT'S TEAL!

We have all driven a VESPA, and all have owned many of them. I remember my dad's first 2 wheeler was a Vespa, he owned probably 2 or 3 of them. I learned my 2 wheeler skills on a Vespa. Such a nice scooter and then most of us graduated into 'bigger'

.Oh the places you'll go......

At some point in my life I will ride pillion on some attractive italian boy's vespa and we will speed through the streets of Rome, only stopping to watch sunsets and the like.fancy a ride Sara?


mediterranean wedding inspiration, it's even the right color. You could leave the wedding on the Vespa! image.14304451.6473 flat,800x800,070,f.u2.jpg

‘Italian Blue Vespa Rally 200 Scooter’ iPhone Case/Skin by AJ Airey