nice combo - bamboo, sanseveria, ? airplane plants?,

Note how the old wash tub makes an excellent container for this "runner" Bamboo.

Poolside Plants That Look Like Paradise and Withstand the Elements: Showy Ornamental Grass: Porcupine Grass

Poolside Plants That Look Like Paradise

Poolside Plants That Look Like Paradise and Withstand the Elements: This ornamental grass is called Porcupine Grass because of its horizontal bands of yellow and green.

What plants go together? Pairing plants by color, season of bloom, and shape can sometimes be confusing. So, here's a list of some of our favorite combinations with tips on how to put them to good use in your landscape.

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Bamboo and ornamental grasses, planted in attractive pots with a mix of pebbles, combine to give this garden design an Asian feel.

With their strong stems and beautiful large heads, agapanthus make a structural and graceful addition to any border. Agapanthus 'Navy Blue' has the deepest-blue bells on blue-black stems.

Agapanthus 'Navy Blue' (syn. 'Midnight Star')

The combination of hostas, ferns and grasses in this photo provides layers of texture that create visual interest, even though there are no ...

landscape by Glenna Partridge Garden Design hostas, ferns and grasses - shade gardening

These pots could not be simpler-sticks and lights. Fab via Dirt Simple by Deborah Silver

Check out these creative ways to make planter boxes and add style to your yard or patio. We're sure you'll find a perfect one that will work in your home.

Beautiful container flowers - How to keep your container garden from drying out. Love the cannas in a pot.

Ahhh...I love this outdoor space.  Imagine being able to have coffee in a space like this each morning to start ones day.

Isn't this Bohemian garden terrace sweet? Someday, the vast wasteland that is my back yard will have lovely spaces like this. Or, maybe, I will just dream.

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Brighten Shady Spots Let in the light with shade plants that shine like high-wattage stars. Brian brightens a hillside planting of native bracken ferns with a swath of 'Patriot' hostas. Their big wavy leaves with wide white margins are like lights