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Largely known for their balance, dexterity, and coordination, elven warriors are favor skill and speed over power and brute-force. Many would choose to wield the Elf Warrior Dual Swords for techniques requiring twin blades.

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a katana with an interesting blue glow on the outside of the black blade. as well as that it has a weirdly shaped handle. the blade itself looks somewhat similar to zeros sword in borderlands

Made by Andrew Kanounov, Moscow, Russia.

steampunktendencies: Made by Andrew Kanounov,...

Spider Bowie - Couteau de combat manche poing americain - Housse ceinture

Scorpion Bowie Knife Overall Length: 13 Blade Length: 7 Blade Material: Stainless Steel Fancy Cast Metal Handle, handguard Faux Ivory handles with full color Scorpion on both sides Faux Leather Scabbard

Dual Wielding Ninja Sword Set - Twin Ninjutsu Katanas - Ninja Swords With Sheath

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History Of Swords and Blades Documentary - The Perfect Killing Weapon - History Videos A sword is a blade device utilized largely for cutting or propelling.