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"The Secret of Kells" - I watched this movie on a whim on Netflix once and fell in love. One of these days I shal have to actually buy it...

I saw The Secret of Kells this weekend, an animated film about the Book of Kells, ostensibly, or a young boy being raised by monks and illu.

Why ‘The Secret of Kells’ is a Perfect Christmastime Movie - Review of the movie by Jeffrey Overstreet of The Rabbit Room (plus discussion questions)

Secret of Kells is the perfect Christmastime movie (Jeffrey Overstreet)

The Secret of Kells promotional artowrk (jean baptiste vendamme, aka thedoberman, deviantart)

The Secret of Kells promotional artwork (jean baptiste vendamme, aka thedoberman, deviantart)

The Secret of Kells

Tomm Moore' s promotionnal work for his movie: BRENDAN and the secret of kells,on wich I designed the bad guys. THE SECRET OF KELLS IV

The Secret Of Kells - Aisling's Song

"Aisling Song/Pangur Ban" from The Secret of Kells, an originally European story about the monastery and Book of Kells in ancient region Leinster or Meath, Ireland

Картинки по запросу песнь моря арт

Immersed in Movies: Tomm Moore Talks ‘Song of the Sea’ and First Look at New Teaser

Secret of Kells: Didn't care for the movie itself but my God was it visually stunning :')

"The Secret of Kells" animated movie. How can one not be inspired by the detailed artistry of this movie?