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Once upon a time...

Once upon a time a man asked a girl to marry him, the girl said “no!” And she lived happily ever after, and went shopping, dancing and drinking. She always had a clean house, never cooked and looked fabulous all the time. The end.

I was totally unaware that they made one of these all about me! I feel so special!

Funny Confession Ecard: That moment when you're supposed to be cleaning and you put on music and it turns into a dance party for one. Yup this is me!

Thats right!! Roflmbo!

I've known a few people in my time, shoot. I am a few people in my time lol

Oh me, Oh my. There's going to be a "worse" at some point, so just remember this quote:) It makes us stronger always.

Free and Funny Family Ecard: I love being married to my best friend. I can tell him anything because half the time he does not hear me.

No idea why I'm posting this under "Humor." Must be because I don't have a topic for "Sad Truths We All Have to Face."

Everyday that I have off. During work days I'm usually thinking, "I have x amount of things to accomplish today and zero time to do it!" On my days off, however, it's more like. "I don't think this is free time. I think this is forgetting time.

I know a few who don't...hehe  : )

Anne Taintor - Mini Trays - you’ll never forget to turn off the oven… Donna Downey Studios Inc

Nop! Neither works :)

Instead of cleaning the house I just turn off the lights.and made myself another cup of coffee! Sounds good to me!