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【ECHO-W.Gaster】This may be the best thing I've ever pinned


Bunch of W. I didn’t draw this sad pixelated blob for so long, I almost forgot how to draw him. *sweats* Also, watch me add fangs to every single characters I like. //shot<<not miiiiine

A prompt/request from anon on tumblr :D i'm receiving a lot of sanster prompts lately omg

The gravity of the situation may be high but it doesn't mean papyrus should be hanging around waiting for that pun

Sans damnit help the poor skeledad

Undertale Gaster and Sans {I love that he smooshes down into an amorphous blob during his panic attack there

Dadster vs Handplates Gaster by TheBombDiggity666

So, I have received multiple questions asking how my version of Gaster would react to meeting “Handplates” Gaster. The questions have been so frequent it has almost been alarming, so, I.

I think i'm turning into gaster trash.