Erin Endicott  stitch; a thread or line that holds things together ... translation of the ancient Sanskrit word "sutra". She uses contemporary embroidery on antique fabric as a canvas to explore the common threads that bind countless generations of women. Wounds - both physical and psychological - are given life using delicate, meditative stitches.

erin endicott - Healing Sutra detail Hand embroidery on antique infant dress

Erin Endicott: Healing Sutra #6 Detail, Hand embroidery, walnut ink

Erin Endicott / Healing Sutra / detail, hand embroidery, antique cotton fabric stained with walnut ink and cut using vintage child's dress pattern, x 2009 / photo: Glenn Hudson

contemporary embroidery, couture embroidery, custom embroidery

healing sutra [detail] - erin endicott [hand embroidery on antique fabric stained with walnut ink; link to website + gallery]

poetry and photography, organic and sustainable

poetry and photography, organic and sustainable

bricolage | craftandmemory: "I use contemporary embroidery...

Erin Endicott Healing Sutra 12 x 12 Hand embroidery on antique hankerchief stained with walnut ink 2011

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Julia Wright rust dyed fabric with hand stitch and wire - pretty techniques for hand cuffs or headbands

Very interesting fiber art Jo Deeley

© Jo Deeley developing and inventing textiles using weaving, plaiting, knotting and manipulating fabrics & threads to create textile pieces & fabrics that are innovative and exciting!

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I'm in Philadelphia for a few days to see some of the exhibits comprising  FiberPhiladelphia 2012 , enjoy a good meal or two at favored rest...

jennifercoynequdeen: Erin Endicott, Healing Sutra detail taken at Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia, March 2012 jennifer coyne qudeen