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Freeze, has to be the most misunderstood Rouge in the Batman mythos.


Was inspired by TDKR to do a piece on Bane. Took very inspiration from his design in the movie however, it's mostly the Bane we are used to, with some m.

Nightwing Promo Image

Yes Dick, that's very impressive and you look totally yummy, but is that really the best way to avoid a hailstorm of bullets from a helicopter? <-- of course it is, he's nightwing<---- that's right. He's Nightwing!

The Joker - Alex Ross

Alex Ross Comic Art: Mythology: The Joker - Paper: Limited Edition Giclee on Paper from Alex Ross. Image Size x Paper Size x Created by DC Comics artist Alex Ross, Mythology: The Joker is the companion piece to Batman which is part of the Mythology series


Quick Nightwing by `Artgerm super awesome night wing (who is really older version of Robin)