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Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 41

Marvel Team-Up # 110 by Bob Layton

It is on a summer morning as Spider-Man web-swings toward the Daily Bugle building.

Marvel Team-Up #61  Featuring Spider-Man and the Human Torch  Marvel Comics Group  September 1977  $.30

Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 61 - Marvel Comics - One of the first comics I ever read

Marvel Team-Up # 35 by Gil Kane & Al Milgrom. The Blood Church cult, demons, sacrifices, occult

Legion of Superheroes Homage to Marvel Team Up Issue 35 ( Legion Classified Issue An Infinite Timelines : When Worlds Collide Tie-in . Part 3 of 6 ) , in Aidan (Re-Legion ) Lacy's Re-Legion : The Infinite Timelines Series Comic Art Gallery Room

ebal - Pesquisa Google

ebal - Pesquisa Google

Mary Jane makes her first cover in Amazing Spider-Man #59

Amazing Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson dances, her first ever cover appearance. All-time Top Ten John Romita Spider-Man Covers

Amazing Spider-Man 120 May 1973 Issue  Marvel by ViewObscura

Amazing Spider-Man #120, May 1973 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade Fine | Marvel Team-Up 30 Gil Kane cover

orig UK Cover for Spider-Man Comics Weekly (Marvel UK, 1973 series)


This issue is from November 1973 featuring "Metamorphosis! by Jim Starlin. Graded in F/VF due to light wear. It DOES have the Mark Jewelers centerfold attached at both staples. Scans are of the actual comic.