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Wild & Woven

Would make such a great photo shoot spot! :) wonder how you create something like this with tough using rope or something that would stick out too much?

According to Irish legend, Fairy Rings are the location of gateways into the fairy kingdom. The physical appearance of a circle of mushrooms or flowers are commonly found throughout the Emerald Isle. Folklore states that a fairy ring appears where a Leprechaun, fairy, or any other sprightly mystical creature exists and they will often be found laughing and dancing in the twilight.

According to Legend A Fairy Ring Appears Where A Leprechaun, Fairy, Or Any Other Sprightly Mystical Creature Exists & They Eill Often Be Found Laughing & Dancing In The Twilight

Celtic tree & knotwork

Tree of Life Art :: Druids Trees: The Tree of Life and Celtic knotwork. I like the way they did this tree of life more then the usual way haha :)

A Moon Gate - Karl found this image on the internet, and liked it enough to include on his FB page - funny kid.  Have to say, it might be fun to build one in the perennial bed. Submitted for your musings by Beth Waldon.

A Moon Gate

i'd like to do an entrance to our backyard in a similar manner. You won’t find any locks on these beautifully mystical moon doors (otherwise known as moon gates), a traditional design element of Chinese gardens.


“The only color magick you will hear about from most Wiccans is green magick, also known as eco-magick. This is magick done for and within the natural environment. Creating a garden full of magickal.

Cashelkeelty Stone Circle - Beara Peninsula. Ireland has hundreds of stone circles scattered across its landscape. Some are nearly in tact, some have been carefully rebuilt, while most have just a few stones left – making them fragments of their former glorious selves. Most of these circles have been standing in place for 3000 to 5000 years. The stones are dug into the ground almost as deeply as they rise above it.

Thin Places - Sacred Sites - Earth Energies - Mystical sites, Sacred Places in Ireland and beyond: Thin Places Ireland Tour️PM

Leszek Bujnowski

84 Surreal Photo Manipulations by Leszek Bujnowski