French artist "Pays Homage" to the beautiful hairstyles of Southern Ethiopian people (in blackface of course)

Suri boys like to paint their bodies and wear floral ornaments to show their beauty. Photo by Sergio Carbajo -- National Geographic Your Shot

Africa | Portrait of a Bodi woman.  Salamago District, Omo Valley. Ethiopia | © Ingetie Tadros

Portrait of a Bodi woman in Salamago District of Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Hans Silvester Natural Fashion — DOP

Over a period of 6 years Hans Silvester photographed people of a very remote area in Ethiopia; the wild and unspoiled Omo valley

Dele and Lale, Kara boys from the Omo River valley in southern Ethiopia.

An estimated tribal people live in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. The Karo are small in number with around living on the Omo River's eastern banks. Before a ceremony, they paint their bodies and faces with white chalk.