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Literally! bwahahaha!!

This dog was President, and his female dog not only put up with it, but helped crucify his victims.

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Hillary Clinton’s rally is small. its all media bullshit people. Please attend one and you’ll see! Now I know why THE her one sided media won’t turn the cameras back to show turn out!

Lol thx god. Fr.

LoL this level of petty. could actually see him doing this lmfao

Hillary...Too into herself to notice a t-shirt

An altered photograph appeared to show Hillary Clinton standing alongside a woman wearing an "I'm with stupid" shirt.

Fuck PC, if you don't like the way we do it here in the USA, go back to what hell and rock you crawled out from under. Yeah, thats RIGHT.

I think people for the most part have found their voice and have realized that they aren't always alone. There's nothing wrong with saying you're offended by something if it truly offends you.