Add some personality to your front porch with this welcome mat DIY!

spray painted welcome mat {Adventureland} You could do your monogrammed house initial.

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Knock, Knock. Who’s There? 20 Hilarious Welcome Mats

Shut the front door  welcome mat doormat  by DamnGoodDoormats, $45.00

Shut the front door! funny, rude mature novelty doormat Tired of telling the kids to close the door already? Let this doormat do it

Ikea Sindal Five Dollar Door Mat Hacks  voor ons een aantal aan elkaar, evt. met bruine stippen erop

Ikea Sindal Door Mat Hacks


Knock, Knock. Who’s There? 20 Hilarious Welcome Mats

DIY custom address doormats.  Make your own stencil and spray-paint a plain doormat.  A website worth spending a lot of time on.

Creative Ideas for Displaying Your Home Address – DIY House Numbers!

Pretty layout for custom doormats with vinyl stencils. Mats originally from IKEA. Paint thin and even coats with exterior-grade spray paint. Remove tape and numbers and allow to dry overnight.

Our Happy Place Welcome Mat

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Stencil rug - make for front porch Could totally stencil a mustache onto a front step rug for our place!

DIY: Hand Painting a Rug

Rug for your bathroom or front door. Plain rug, use a stencil and paint "Hi.