Aloinopsis Orpenii, rare succulent

Aloinopsis Orpenii, rare succulent ice plant mesembs living stones seed 15 SEEDS

Haworthia limifolia f. variegata. Native to S Mozambique, Swaziland & South Africa. (Succulent)

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Titanopsis schwantesii SB2156 Onverwacht, Grabwasser

Titanopsis schwantesii grows in small rock-like rosettes. It is a mat forming succulent with rosettes up to 2 inches cm) in diameter.

Aloinopsis villetii

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Pinguicula jaumavensis

Pinguicula jaumavensis is one of the Mexican butterworts. One of the carnivorous plants that use sticky, glandular leaves to lure, trap, and digest insects in order to supplement the poor mineral nutrition they obtain from the environments.

Lapidaria margaretae

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