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Think i miss you forever (como me haces esto? Esa sonrisa inocente y ese cuerpo de pecado? No puedo con esto , no...

SHNee Jonghyun - Korean is such a lovely language.



Taemin & Kai | Lee Taemin of SHINee & Kim Jongin of EXO

is a 2016 Korean comedy improvised by, directed by, and starring Lee Taemin and Kim Jongin.

Taemin and Kai........or is it Kai and Taemin? (it's the first but aren't they alike?!)

Taemin and Kai.or is it Kai and Taemin? (I'm just joking, but don't they look alike?

Yes! Key sometimes thinks he's not handsome because of the rest of SHINee members are just extra handsome but you do you, Key! You da sassiest and best fashionista in the whole group!

Hahha omg 😂 Key was surprised by his male fan, he probably got embarrassed 😂😍😍 Anyways, just think about how happy that guy must've been! He got acknowledged by his bias

How can he look that sexy when serious but look like a small child when he smiles? I don't know if I want to jump on him or pinch his cheeks ❤️ my oppa~

육성재 on

BTOB Sungjae ~ in the past, present and future, I love you forever (예지앞사)

Jeon Jeong Guk (Jungkook)

MEMES De BTS - El kukencio y su cumple




She's cute in personality, sexier than hell in her dance and rap and gorgeous in everything