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clueless film fashion - The G. Spring 2014 collection pays tribute to Clueless film fashions that will have you channeling your inner Cher Horowitz.

spice girls best costume pic

Didn't we all love the Spicegirls? But omg the fashion was bad (I was always Baby Spice!

Alicia Silverstone. Dark blonde color.

Clueless Calvin

Alicia Silverstone as Cher. Alicia Silverstone hot images Alicia SilverStone Desperate to become a Mother Alicia Silverstone 'CLUELESS'

How to Dress Like a '90s Teenager....lol.  This is Awesome!  Yep, pretty mucn the way it was!

Dress Like a '90s Teenager

How to Dress Like a Teenager. Yep, pretty mucn the way it was! Decades day at school

90s Hair Inspiration | Big Shoulder Dusting Tresses

90's Hair Inspiration

I love almost everything about the including sexy voluminous supermodel hair, romanticizing my teenage years.

That's So 90's #style

That's So 90's

This is a basic overview of the main fashion trends. This shows a more teen style for girls and now day hipsters. Tap the link now to find the hottest products for your baby!

Can't buy me love amanda peterson patrick dempsey smile photo or poster

Can't buy me love amanda peterson patrick dempsey smile photo or poster

My all time favorite! '"Can't Buy Me Love" starring Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson'

90s beauty trends: A DDG Moodboard of beauty trends from our favourite decade

beauty trends are back - latte lips, Gwen Stefani style double buns, penciled in brows, ruler straight center parts and more.

Bananarama (UK)

Bananarama — Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin & Siobhan Fahey - the most miserable faced girl group in the history of the world, they always looked like their dog had just died

Are you more Regina George or Blair Waldorf?

Which Classic High School Queen Bee Are You?

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