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Vegan love is universal

Go vegan, if u dare! but please educate thyself before you cause a shit load of imbalances and deficiencies.in regards to changing any diet drastically!

Viva La Vegan! - Interview with Christine Vardaros professional vegan cyclist

Christine Vardaros is a world-class vegan cyclist – and has been both vegan and racing professionally since She currently races for STEVENS Pro Cycling Team. Christine is a pro road, mountain and cyclocross racer who has competed at top-level even

I don’t even speak the language but I get the message

It's not a steak, or egg, or a carton of milk - it's a life! your bacon / ham / pork / burger / roast / beef / steak / veal / lamb / chicken / turkey / duck / eggs / milk / cream / cheese

A fitness and nutritional resource for vegans and those following a plant-based lifestyle.

David Haye: Vegan Heavyweight Champion Boxer makes his return to the ring stronger than ever!

Please don't finance heartbreaking violent animal cruelty. Know the truth. Please help me save the Animals

"If your tongue is in control of your brain, then I have no reason to listen to you" -couldn't have said it better myself!

Everyone always says they could never go vegan cuz they like the taste of meat so much. Take the time to research your food, and the taste of meat becomes a sad excuse.

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