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Let's talk swimsuits

vintage swim hats I remember having to wear bathing caps in all pools, no exceptions. Loved the pretty ones, but was always stuck with the cheap boring ones that never were big enough for my waist length pigtails.

Crochet Vintage Flowered Cloche Pattern | Classy Crochet

Crochet Vintage Flowered Cloche Pattern

Ravelry: Classy Crochet Vintage Flowered Cloche pattern by Classy Crochet pattern for sale

Great vintage ladies knitting pattern for hats 1940s. All 4 of these hats are knitted, they are in moss stitch and require a small amount of millinery wire to keep shape, some canvas for the jockey cap - bottom right. And a small amount of wadding for the halop cap top right of cover.

Vintage Ladies Hats knitting patterns available from The Vintage Knitting Lady

Hat designed by Sally Victor, American, 1935. Medium: straw, linen, silk

Hat Sally Victor (American, Date: 1935 Culture: American Medium: straw, linen, silk

rubber swim cap...1960's  Everyone had to wear them so you did not get hair in the pool.  and boy did they hurt going on and off.  why didnt the boys have to wear them?

rubber swim - my mom wore these because she went weekly to the beauty parlor to have her hair shampoo, tease, hair net spray till next visit.