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fashion kids | author megan aka super hybrid october 22 2012 in cute fashion kids

,, look at this ill man! The outfit is awesome and that hair! I LOVE it! I hope my little man can have this much swag.

Cute outfits

cutest little boy fashioN OMG Pretty Boy Names - middle one will be my first. He looks like he's an architect.

This will be my future child. So much steez

30 Fashionista Toddlers Who Dress Better Than You On Your Best Day

Over 248 people liked this! Little Boy Fashion so cute love the little beanie.I want little hipster babies!

such a cute boy

Toddler aviators and preppy sweater (even though the sunglasses would be broken by noon). Little boy fashion. I hope my little boy looks like that.

Kids in navy blue suit so stylish looks like a real man

14 Ridiculously Charming 'Little Humans' Of New York

It's hard to believe that kiddie street style star Alonso Mateo is just 5 years old. This boy has got his pose (and his look) down pat!

my sons will wear bowties

oh em gee! If I had a little boy (that wasn't of the dog variety) I'd totally dress him up like this. Love the bow tie green pants with the alligator belt!