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20 Bloody Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women - Flawssy

art-of-cg-girls: “ Mrs. Morena by Helga-Helleborus ”

Vampire bloody lips makeup & nails <3 Love the ring <3

Fashion Lips by Eva Senín Pernas


Lewd and Stewed Photography - Jessie Jordan - makeup by model

blessed wild apple girl

f Cleric or Sorcerer portrait blessed wild apple girl

She drew the sword out and stared at the letters inscribed on the blade. "Where did you get this?" "Garbage." I answered. She narrowed her eyes at me. "This belongs to the most powerful knight in the land and you're going to tell me you got it in the trash?"

Warriors of the North by Natalia Mrowiec Penelope Lockheart


Halloween Makeup Tips For Creepiest Halloween 2015