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With summer coming up, your choices will inevitably be to sweat it out or chew on a ridiculously high energy bill. But not this year! You can build a simple, ice-cold A/C unit out of $15 worth of supplies. You have to see how well this thing works!

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Homemade Air Conditioner DIY - The Gallon Bucket" Air Cooler! DIY- can be solar powered! Video Description how to make a non-compressor based gallon

Tesla Free Electricity, How to Build a Generator That Will Power My Home - http://www.newvistaenerg... http://netzeroguide.com/free-electricity.html

Tesla Free Electricity, How to Build a Generator That Will Power My Home - Steam driven Tesla Turbine.

Learn how to build a solar furnace and if you have enough sun in your area this could be a perfect off grid heating solution. Made from re-purposed a

DIY Homemade Solar Furnace I might make this for the chicken coop. I'm sure it doesn't throw off a lot of heat but might just take the edge off.

This evaporation cooler is actually known as a zeer pot and this system is widely used throughout Africa and the Middle East to keep food cool and prolong freshness and stop it spoiling in the heat. It is truly a tried and tested concept that works very well off-the-grid when conventional refrigeration is not available. …

Off-The-Grid Easy To Build DIY Refrigerator

Off The Grid Easy To Build DIY Refrigerator. Easy to Build Non-Electrical Evaporation Cooler that can keep food fresh for weeks. t I also like the way they put the pan lid on it.

candle heater...supposedly works well...

The Candle Heater Candle Holder Collects, Retains,Concentrates, and Radiates Dry Space HEAT from a Candle!

MIT researchers have developed 3-D solar designs they believe can more than double the solar power generated from a given area, compared to that of traditional solar layouts.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT design solar PV panels with power output of up to 20 times that of flat PV panels, especially in cloudy conditions, indirect sun light or high latitude locations.

new solar power technology -- The nanoantennas are thus able to harvest energy both during daytime hours and into the early evening. Because they can take in energy from both sunlight and the earth’s heat, the nanoantennas have a much higher efficiency (and potential applicability) than conventional solar cells.

New Solar Panels That Work At Night

Despite the enormous untapped potential of solar energy, one thing is for sure- photovoltaics are only as good as the sun& rays shining upon them. However, researchers at the Idaho National Laboratory are close to the production of a super-thin solar film

Root Cellar--if my yard were large enough for this and for a really big veg garden I would totally do this and never buy potatoes, onions, sweet potates, turnips, parsnips, carrots, etc again!  AND somewhere to store our homebrew

Robert's Projects: Root Cellar when we have a farm someday. i dream of a fantastic root cellar like this.

Survival Kit In A Pill Bottle - Great for the car and a 72-hour kit.

Just the sort of thing to tuck away into a purse, commuter bag or other luggage until you need it. -Empty pill bottle - 3 mini straw fire starters ( have a