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Japanese fashion walk in Harajuku by shironuri (white makeup) artist//model, Minori. Her nature-based street fashions, popular among the Japanese subculture, is intriguing and exceptionally creative.

Shironuri Artist Minori in Harajuku w/ Antique Dress & Flower Petals

Japanese shironuri artist Minori in Harajuku with green hair, flower petal makeup and antique fashion.

130217-3528 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo #AMERICANAPPAREL #PINATRIPWITHAA

Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo A phenomenon which fascinates me due to my interest in observing fashion trends and styles. Harajuku style is diverse, eccentric and wonderfully bizarre,at times,like a Tim Burton movie come to life :P

Minori is wearing an outfit featuring both handmade/remake items along with vintage and resale pieces.

Ran into Japanese shironuri artist Minori near the famous Kinji resale shop in Harajuku. Minori video interview here.