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Yongguk - B.A.P kpop hey girl

he is so gorgeous .just keep your hair like this, please! He reminds me of Hongbin a bit.

Yongguk on & off camera

B.A.P is sorta new to me, so I'm still intimidated by Yongguk, but I'm sure in time I'll love him :)

vampire yongguk

this man never fails to make me melt on the inside.

Bap funny Kpop

"They sleep more than Himchan"! I died! but it sucks that I didn't get to see them ;

Zelo "Happiness" | It's okay Zelo. Don't let anyone dampen your sparkle!!*** <3<3<3

Impressive how Youngjae controlled himself in this one. Zelo's cuteness is like a super powerful magnet for Youngjae. He jumps on Zelo and squishes him 'violently'.


Which kpop boy group do they belong to? part 2

aegyo king right there

I feel like. Yongguk is ruining my bias list<<Yongguk IS my bias list.