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Fucking corporal, don't you dare blushing!!

Fucking corporal, don't you dare blushing!!


I just crouch into a smaller ball when someone pokes me! But Levi is so freaking CUUUTE!

Babe is it funny we saw this right before we got married...and then the other one popped up when were having kids... O.o Your mother must stalk us.

For the record, I DO NOT SHIP ereri but this is pretty funny. I mean, humanity's greatest soldier still gets egged on by his mother


--EREN: I'm the top this time. --LEVI: Nice try brat. *carries eren to the bedroom*

Omg this papà Levi is so cute

PLATONIC ereri moments, goes to my eruri board because I imagine Erwin and Eren fighting for Levi's attention. Eren always wins with puppy eyes, but at night Erwin swoops in and steals all the glory.

[DOUJINSHI] Shingeki no Kyojin Ch.7 Page 28 - Mangago

Shingeki no Kyojin dj - Himitsu no Chikashitsu Page 28 - Mangago