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LollyDragon — Funny Supernatural memes. No. Oh, let’s say…...

LollyDragon — Funny Supernatural memes. No. Oh, let’s say…...

I love Lucifer so much it's a problem. (This is literally something only an SPN fan can say and understand and anyone else who would hear this would think we're crazy.)

Sensitive Satan "Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?" <--- You know you are a SPN fan when you see a post of Satan, you get excited, and yell, "Satan!" And everyone in the house turns to look at you funny.

Oh HECK no. Just no. No no no no no. (If you need me, I'll be in the corner, sobbing... AGAIN)

*flips table* Don't talk about Kevin. Don't talk about collage Sam. That hurts less than young kevin and collage Sam

Dean and Castiel Texting; "I think this could be a sore subject for the angels now…"

Oh damn Cas. Especially ones that involve Sam and Dean's mother getting torched on the ceiling. I could feel that burn.

This would be a great way for the series to end if SOMEBODY *glares at Dean* didn't kill Death

Can I say how much I love that they say the perfect pie was found in Muncie, IN? I wanna have a slice of perfect pie with Death!

I can't say no to this lmao

Most of the time. I love how Sam still looks so cute and innocent with blood splattered on his face. And dean's face in the last picture.